Benefits of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in several shapes and sizes. Home care companies have their own line of upright vacuums, hand held vacuums and canister vacuums; each type is used for a specific purpose, hence the reason for their structure.

Canister vacuums have a large, rounded and compact body. They come with a flexible hose that is ideal for cleaning under and around pieces of furniture in the house. Some brands have an extendable hose that can reach farther across the room; this feature allows more areas cleaned in a few minutes. These vacuums also have a telescopic wand where you can attach the accessory tools. These on-board tools are upholstery attachments, crevice tool and dusting brush; they are effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as edges, stairs, upholstery and drapery.

Another great thing about canister vacuums is the weight. Compared to upright vacuums, canister vacuum cleaners are undeniably lightweight. They also come with a carrying handle that adds ease in transporting them. The large wheels and superior maneuverability contribute to a hassle-free housecleaning.

Home care companies that manufacture this type of vacuums have added special features to their products. Among the features that offer many benefits are the filtration system, bagless technology, variable suction and speed control settings.

The amazing thing about a filtration system is that it traps in allergens, dust and dirt. HEPA filters have an airtight seal that prevent these particles from escaping into the air. Household members with asthma or allergies benefit greatly from this feature found in most canister vacuums. These filters improve the quality of air indoors, thus inhibiting allergy symptoms or asthma attacks.

Some canister vacuums are bagless. This feature is beneficial in certain ways. It is economical because there is no need to regularly purchase and replace vacuum bags. Sucked up dirt and dust go straight to the filter. This storage is quite easy to empty, washable and reusable. However, owners should replace the filter once it is damaged, which in some cases occur after a year or so. The only drawback of bagless vacuums is that filters cost much more than vacuum bags.

Canister vacuums also have variable suction and speed control settings. These features allow you to choose the kind of suction when cleaning different surfaces. By controlling the suction and speed, you can take care of carpets and rugs made from delicate materials. These features also work great when cleaning sections in the house with the most dirt and need powerful suction.

One Last Note

A canister vacuum offers a number of benefits that make it staple on every home. The amazing features such as its portability, durability, and excellent performance make them a constant favourite in the household. It is also easy to store, particularly the ones that allow you to wrap and compress the hose on a holder. You do not need to worry about tangled cords and bulky vacuum cleaners. This feature makes a canister vacuum perfect for small homes and those with stairs. Because this type of vacuum cleaner is lightweight (it comes with a carrying handle!), you can easily transport it up and down the stairs. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is typically inexpensive. Considering the numerous benefits that a canister vacuum offers, you will surely get great value for your money.